Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Also familiar as CS: GO, this fourth expansion of the popular game was released in August of 2012. It has proven itself as a total success, reaching over 11 million players each month. Characterized as a multiplayer first-person shooter game (FPS), it is all about controlling a character and using weapons designed to kill the opponents.

The main goal of Counter-Strike is to kill but not get killed. It sounds simple, but there is more to unravel. Let us go more into depth about how the game functions.

Once you open the main menu, several buttons will direct you to different modes of the game. The main game is the place where you can start your own CS adventure. Inventory is for changing belonging like weapons and gloves. GO provides a wide variety of weapons like guns, rifles, and grenades. Watch lets you be a bystander and observe someone else's gameplay. Overwatch is your in-game police station. This is the place where you can report players for cheating. And of course, there are the settings and store buttons whose function is well known.

The main game gives you two options. You can either jump into playing with real players (official matchmaking), or you can practice with bots first. If you need more time to learn about the different aspects of the games, bots can be useful teachers.

Once you're in, the game provides five different modes you can choose from. Competitive puts players with the same level of skills against each other.

Casual mode is easier to grasp, as it contains fun maps and is meant to take off some of the competitive games' pressure. The different possibilities here include Bomb Defusal and Hostage Group, which will be explained in detail later on.

The Deathmatch mode puts the player in a risky position where they must battle against everyone else. This one improves the aiming and shooting skills. Dying during Deathmatch is not a tragedy, as the players quickly respawn somewhere else and are then able to continue fighting.

War Games are based on the classic gameplay but with a twist. This mode consists of different games, each containing several maps. For example, one of the most popular war games, The Flying Scoutsman, is based on reduced gravity, so players can fly and even shoot each other in the air. War games can also limit your use of weapons, allowing only knives or other specific objects. They are often changed with the game updates, so some new addition may arrive while others are no longer available.

The concept of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is based on two opposite teams: the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Each player must choose a side before the start of the game. However, there is a catch. Midway through the battle, the teams will swap. This means that you should be prepared to serve as the good guy and the villain in the storyline once playing.

In order to win, the team must score a certain amount of points. The points are rewarded when eradicating the other team or fulfilling the objective, which differs based on what team you're playing for.

Both teams' missions are different in every game mode. In Bomb Defusal, the Terrorists' task is to plant a C4 bomb in a designated bombsite. Of course, they will face resistance in the face of the Counter-Terrorists who will do everything in their power to defuse the bomb. The timer of the bomb lasts for 40 seconds. If the attackers manage to eliminate each one of their rivals, they don't even have to plant the explosives, as their win is granted. The same can be applied for the Counter-Terrorists who can get rid of the bad guys before they even plant the weapon. Bomb Defusal is one of the classic and probably the most popular game modes. It balances both sides perfectly. It is often used for matches and tournaments.

Another classic game mode is Hostage Rescue. Here the Counter-Terrorists' job is to rescue any of the hostages taken by the Terrorists. Vice versa, the other team has to prevent the heroes from getting near the hostages.

Assassination is a game mode that centers around a character called VIP. He has to get to a location called Escape Zone safely. The Counter-Terrorists' main goal is to escort him there safe and sound, while they try to eliminate the enemy. Meanwhile, the Terrorists must eliminate the VIP before he ever reaches the escape zone.

Before each round, the teams are given some ‘freeze time’, meaning that they have a few seconds before the game begins to get some equipment and, most importantly, weapons. There is also a ‘buy zone’ for each team within the game that serves the same purpose.
Apart from focusing on defeating the enemy, players should also be careful with the time. Once the set timer runs out, a new round begins. The winners of the previous round are given more money. Players that were eliminated lose their equipment and will have to prepare themselves once more. Killing your own teammates will also result in a penalty, so make sure to be loyal to your group.

In December of 2018, Global Offensive introduced a new Battle Royale game mode called Danger Zone. It allows up to 18 players who can go solo or pack up in duos. They spawn on the map completely unequipped. The ultimate goal here is to become the last one standing, having eliminated everyone else. As the game progresses, the map's safe spots will become smaller and smaller, forcing players to face each other in deadly combat.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an action-packed virtual adventure. The game has stood the test of time, as it remains just as relevant 8 years later (and whooping 20 years since the first-ever release in the main series). Many gamers all around the world have grown up with CS, just like the game continues to grow in aspects like its concept and the graphic design.

CS: GO Predictions

DateeSports GameTipResult
20.03.2021MIBR - Team One11,44 Odd
18.03.2021G2 Esports - mousesports11,86 Odd
17.03.2021Ninjas in Pyjamas - mousesports11,71 Odd
14.03.2021ENCE - Ninjas in Pyjamas21,53 Odd
13.03.2021mousesports - ENCE11,44 Odd
12.03.2021OG - FunPlus Phoenix21,95 Odd
11.03.2021BIG - FunPlus Phoenix11,50 Odd
10.03.2021BIG - compLexity Gaming11,70 Odd
09.03.2021compLexity Gaming - OG11,55 Odd
08.03.2021BIG - OG11,44 Odd
08.03.2021compLexity Gaming - FunPlus Phoenix11,53 Odd