Dota 2

DOTA 2, short for Defense of the Ancients 2, is the second installment of the 2003 game. It was developed by Valve and released in 2013. The genre of the game is classified as a multiplayer online battle arena. It is often compared to League of Legends, as the concept also revolves around two teams battling out on a map. The point here is to destroy a structure called 'The Ancient,' located in every team's base. The side that has their Ancient demolished loses the war. The game is incredibly successful among the critics and the general public. It has been named one of the greatest games of all time, holding a 90 point score on Metacritic.

So now we have to cover the basics. In DOTA 2 there are two teams with five players each. At the start of the game, everyone picks a unique character. The DOTA universe has created over 100 heroes to play with, every one of them with different skills. Three measurements go with every character: strength, agility, and intelligence. The strong ones are the best fighters, as they can last longer on the battlefield. Those with great agility can increase their attack speed and attack damage through certain items.

And last but not least, the intelligent heroes have all sorts of abilities from defense to disabling. The hero is made out of 4 skills, one of them being 'ultimate' (defines the hero as a whole). In the beginning, they can only use a single ability, as their experience level is too low (1 out of 30). With more experience gains, a hero's more abilities can unlock (or improve an already unlocked ability). Their use, however, is limited to one before a cooldown timer begins in which the ability is unavailable. Once the cooldown is over, it comes back.
Every character belongs to one of the two roles: the core and the support. In the first one heroes start weak and progressively gain strength throughout the game. The supports are not as strong on their own. Their primary function is to help the cores with certain buffs.

The game consists of several modes. The 'All Pack' is the basic one which lets you pick any hero you want. The 'All Random,' however, will assign random heroes to the players. 'Captain's Mode' gives power to one of the team members. They can assign heroes to everyone from the team. 'Turbo' focuses on increasing the speed of the game and making it easier for the players. That is done by weakening towers and lowering the respawn time. Gold and experience gains, on the other side, are increased. Different holiday-inspired modes can be added for a temporary period. For example, DOTA 2 has celebrated Christmas and Halloween by adding them to the game.

The game map might remind you a little bit of League of Legends. However, the DOTA 2 layout has its own little details. Big fans of the game have memorized and studied every little part, as success requires a good strategy. The map is made out of 3 lanes and a river (which can be crossed, don't worry). The land between the lanes is known as ‘the jungle’. The two teams, named Radiant and Dire, have their bases in the two opposite corners. The DOTA map can switch from daylight to nighttime. Daylight, however, does not guarantee more visibility. The game uses fog of war, meaning that the opposite team's base cannot be seen. There are also objects called runes placed all over the map. Collecting those will give players some great power-ups that strengthen their abilities for a temporary amount of time.

The land is also inhabited by non-player characters (NPC). One of these are the ‘creeps’ who walk the lanes to attack. Well placed defense towers can eliminate them and, on top of that, you will earn some gold. Gold is the price you need for some cool objects. Buildings called ‘barracks’ is where the creeps will spawn from. There are several types of creeps. The neutral ones can attack either one of the teams, as they don't belong to any side. They can be found in camps located in the jungle. These creatures will attack only if they're provoked. Their leader, Roshan, possesses the most power. Killing him is rewarded with special items. That can happen roughly every 10 minutes, as this is the time when Roshan will respawn. Murdering creeps are known as 'farming.' This activity, as mentioned, will earn you gold for purchasing items. These items can be bought from the in-game shops. There is a catch, though! The person who gets the gold is the one who achieves the 'last hit.' This term is used for the act of throwing the final blow in order to eliminate the opponent.

When an enemy dies near a teammate, they get a share of the gold as well. Players can also 'deny.' This means that they prevent the enemy hero from last-hitting on a friendly unit by doing so themselves. These units include towers, creeps, sieges, heroes, etc. They all have a certain level of health that should be reached before the act of denying can commence. Denying also robs the other player of any potential gold.

DOTA 2 is incredibly popular in the esports scene. Multiple tournaments take place between professional leagues. Valve has even developed an annual championship called The International. It began in 2011, and it has been held every August since (apart from 2014). 16 to 18 teams participate yearly to win the Aegis of Champions trophy. The prize pool of The International has reached over 34 million dollars. It is also crowdfunded, which goes to show how dedicated fans of the game are. The event takes place in big arenas throughout the world. So far, it has been in the United States, Europe, and Asia. This year's tournament was postponed due to COVID-19 but it is expected to return next year.

Dota 2 Predictions

DateeSports GameTipOdds
12.02.2021Team Empire - Team Unique11,72 Odd
10.02.2021Nigma - OG12,00 Odd
09.02.2021Alliance - Tundra Esports11,57 Odd
07.02.2021Team Spirit - Live to Win21,66 Odd
07.02.2021Team MagMa - LBZS 11,80 Odd
06.02.2021T1 - TNC Predator21,70 Odd
05.02.2021beastcoast - Thunder Predator22,00 Odd
04.02.2021Latam Defenders - NoPing21,40 Odd
04.02.2021BOOM Esports - T121,57 Odd
03.02.2021Infamous-SG e - sports11,53 Odd
02.02.2021Vici Gaming - Invictus Gaming11,40 Odd
31.01.2021SG e-sports - Thunder Predator21,50 Odd
31.01.2021Quincy Crew - 4 Zoomers11,33 Odd
30.01.2021TNC Predator - Neon Esports22,00 Odd
30.01.2021Alliance - OG21,50 Odd
29.01.2021Infamous - Team Unknown11,33 Odd - Live to Win11,20 Odd
28.01.2021496 Gaming - BOOM Esports11,74 Odd
28.01.2021EXTREMUM - Team Unique22,08 Odd