No, we're not talking about the football association, but football is undoubtedly involved. FIFA is the best-selling sports video game franchise of all time. Developed by Electronic Arts and released in 1993, the game was the first to get an official license from FIFA, hence the name of the series.

Multiple editions have been produced over the decades. The most recent one, however, is FIFA 20, which dropped in September 2019. While we anticipate the next big release in October, let's take a look at the current edition's concept and specifics.

The first thing you should know about FIFA 20 is that it is not just the same old football match repeated over and over again. Several game modes keep it fresh and exciting.

The Kick-Off mode is the easiest to start with. One of the many options here is a Classic Match. It takes you right in the stadium, and all you have to do is pick two pre-existing teams. This can be qualified as the equivalent of a friendly game. Other options include the Best Of - a game where you have to reach a certain number of wins to beat the other team. Gamers can also select two-legged Home & Away ties, Volta Football friendlies, and one-off Cup Finals.

Apart from the Classic Match, FIFA 20 includes House Rules games, which are a bit more complicated than the primary match. Here are the different possibilities in House Rules:

FIFA 20 has introduced Swaps. The two teams swap three random players. These footballers become stronger than the rest of their teammates, so if you score a goal with a swapped teammate, it will count as two.

Mystery Ball is a game where you get bonuses throughout the match. The bonuses can vary from better speed, goal multiplying, upgraded shooting, passing, or dribbling. All of those can be an extremely helpful tool to take the lead over your opponents. This option adds more unpredictability and builds more excitement.

With King of the Hills, players have an exciting task. They have to keep the ball in an outlined rectangle (referred to as the control zone) for as much as possible. The reward for this is that a goal multiplier loads as long as you keep the ball in that field. If successful, the team's goals can count as two or three.

All of those mentioned so far are new additions to the game. Some of the previously added options include:

Long Range: the goals count as two when they are scored outside the box.

Headers & Volleys: here only headers, volleys, free-kicks, and penalties can score goals.

Survival: the team scores a goal, a player disappears. The first team to lose four players is the winner.

First To option is rather simple. There's a number of goals that should be reached for the ultimate win.

No Rules is also obvious from its name. There are no limits like cards, fouls, and offsides.

Now that we have pretty much covered the Kick-Off mode basics let's focus on the other big part of the game. The Career mode is split in two: one option lets you manage a player's career while in the other one, you become the player in question.

The Manager option will allow you to have your own club. Like any manager, you will be able to handle contracts, offer transfers, assign scouts, control youth development, and be in charge of the matches. While arranging a match, the game lets you decide whether to play or let the simulation do it.

The Player option transforms you into a real-world footballer or one created in the game itself. Here you build your own career. Beginners should train hard to improve their skills enough to join a prestigious club or team. Once your career is over, you can switch to being a manager.

That is not everything FIFA offers you. Last year's edition also introduced the Champions League, where you can select any team in Europe in a standalone competition. Other tournaments mimicking the real world like Europa League, are also available for gamers to enjoy. Pro Clubs is a social feature where you could play in a team of eleven with either some strangers on the internet or in league with your own friends. Each player controls a custom made in-game footballer who begins with basic stats and can develop over time.

The most popular mode, however, is FIFA Ultimate Team, also known as FUT. This section of the game is all about building the perfect team with different footballers from all around the globe. Each match rewards the players with coins that can be applied when upgrading the team. Your handpicked team can compete with others in Squad Battles. These battles can be up to 40 a week, and they bring squad points for every team, resulting in more rewards at the end of the week. The squads will also go head to head with special rivals like a celebrity squad and Team of the Week (the best performing players from the previous seven days). Division Rivals resemble Squad Battles, but they have no limit, so you can play as much as you want throughout the week. Meanwhile, FUT Champions takes place between Friday and Sunday. Then you can play up to 30 times to gain rewards and win great players.

The main place for purchasing or trading players is the Transfer Market. There you can find all types of packs containing new professionals. These packs can be bought with your hard-earned gold or real money. Another way to get players is to complete the Squad Building Challenges and Weekly Objectives.

FIFA is unsurprisingly one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. Its gameplay with all the different features offers quality entertainment and brings the world of football to life on every fan's device. We cannot wait to see what the new FIFA 21 has in store for us.

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