League of Legends


League of Legends has become a cultural phenomenon and a staple for the game world. The game was released in 2009 and has garnered incredible commercial success. By 2019, LoL boasted around 8 million daily users. Except for being one of the most grossing video games and one of the most popular esports, League of Legends has built a whole franchise around its name. The saga consists of comic books, web shows, and merchandise, which is all because of the countless fans around the world.

Now let's focus on the gameplay. If you have never encountered League of Legends before, it's a multiplayer game that allows up to ten players. All of them are divided into two teams of five, so the game's main goal is to win over the opposite team. How to do that, you might ask. Well, a team can only win if they manage to destroy the enemy's base.


Each of the players in League of Legends takes the role of a certain champion. Champions are designed as unique creatures with different characteristics and abilities. Right before the start of the game, the players take turns in order to select champions for their teams. Picking the right characters is crucial for how the game is going to proceed. There's a vast variety of champions, as League fans can choose from over 140 different personalities.

The controlled champions can either auto-attack a target or use their special abilities (which differ depending on the character selected). Players can also choose two Summoner Spells, which add more abilities to the selected warrior.

Each champion comes with different stats. These stats show metrics like health, attack damage, ability power, movement speed, armor, and others. They determine how strong a champion is and if it's easily defeated or not. Players can level up their characters by killing other champions or farming minions. The goal is to go to level 18, which is the highest you can reach. Higher the level, the stronger the champion! At level 10, players can assign their warriors different runes (found on the rune page), shaping their personality even more and building a better strategy for each team member.

The champions are not the only ones that inhabit a base. The teams consist of creatures like turrets and minions which spawn from each territory. The minions are sent to slash the opposite side's turrets in order to get closer to the base. Killing them is rewarded with gold, which can be useful later on.

Inhibitors are another breed that helps defend a base. They are placed right behind the turrets. Destroying the inhibitors gives a team a fantastic opportunity to get upgraded minions (called Super Minions), which can be a powerful weapon. The Super Minions last until inhibitors pop up again some minutes after their initial demise.


All of the action in League of Legends takes place on a map, the standard one being called Summoner's Rift. The territory, of course, is split in two. Each team gets half of the map, and their land is signified with color - red or blue. In two opposite corners, you might notice crystal looking statues both colored as their respective team. This stone is called Nexus, an essential belonging that each player must protect. The Nexus is often referred to as the core of the base. Think of it as the human heart: destroying it will destroy the whole team. And that will guarantee a win for the other group.

The map layout includes three different lanes that lead to the enemy lines. Known as the top lane, mid lane, and bot lane, these paths are filled with turrets whose job is to attack the champions and minions that invade the base.

The fountain is another place you can't survive without. Players can go there to recover their champions after they have been defeated. The game shop is also located at the fountain. That's the place where you can purchase different items for the price of some gold coins (as we said, gold is earned by killing rival structures). Items can grant players more power over the other team by upgrading their abilities.


Before the game begins, one can choose a specific role (the main and secondary). The roles determine the significance of each player. Here are the five roles you can pick from:

Top: designed for players who prefer to battle on their own, rather than a team. The top role is made for a leader who can go head to head with another opponent all by themselves.

Jungle: players in this field can go anywhere on the map. Their mission is to build a great strategy, do research, and think ahead so that they can help their teammates.

Mid: This role is perfect for people with versatile qualities who are not afraid to do a little bit of everything.

ADC: they prefer to not be in the center but rather follow someone's lead. It's a more passive role but it can still take you far.

Support: players with this role can control the battle under the radar. They serve as the eyes of the group and are excellent teammates.

Of course, there are many more components to the game. But once you get the grip of it all, League of Legends becomes a thrilling adventure.


As it was mentioned before, LoL is one of the most popular esports games. People in teams compete against each other during live-streamed matches, where the audience can even bet some money. Every year Riot Games holds a championship, which usually begins in September and lasts about a month. More than 20 teams from all over the world enter the competition in order to win the desired cup. The tournament has gathered immense support, and League of Legends has since become the most-watched video game. The South Korean team T1 holds the record for most championship wins with three.

LOL Predictions

DateeSports GameTipOdds
12.03.2021eStar - LGD Gaming21,66 Odd
10.03.2021Rare Atom - Victory Five11,49 Odd
08.03.2021Victory Five - JD Gaming21,33 Odd
07.03.2021Invictus Gaming - Top Esports21,55 Odd
07.03.2021Rogue Warriors - Oh My God21,80 Odd
06.03.2021Royal Never Give Up - EDward Gaming21,78 Odd
06.03.2021FunPlus Phoenix - Rare Atom11,40 Odd
08.02.2021Counter Logic Gaming - Team SoloMid21,47 Odd
07.02.2021Cruzeiro eSports - Vorax21,40 Odd
07.02.2021INTZ-eSports - KaBuM! e-Sports21,57 Odd
06.02.2021paiN Gaming - KaBuM! e-Sports21,80 Odd
06.02.2021FURIA Uppercut-Cruzeiro eSports21,57 Odd
05.02.2021Misfits - Excel Esports21,94 Odd
05.02.2021MAD Lions - SK Gaming11,46 Odd
03.02.2021eStar - TT Gaming11,36 Odd
31.01.2021Top Esports - JD Gaming11,44 Odd
31.01.2021Nongshim RedForce - KT Rolster11,75 Odd
30.01.2021Fredit BRION - DRX21,25 Odd
29.01.2021Nongshim RedForce - Afreeca Freecs11,53 Odd
28.01.2021DRX - KT Rolster11,91 Odd